Owner- Jeff Klaus

President – Jeff Klaus

“Finally, a trustworthy roofing company…”
Serves Colorado Springs residents and the Pikes Peak region? YES.
Locally Owned and Operated? YES.
Licensed and Insured? YES.
Main focus is your satisfaction? YES.
Effective communications? YES.
Uses only the best materials and workmanship? YES.
Exceeds your expectations? YES.
Confident you’ll love what we do? YES, YES, and YES!


Who’s that Guy?

Nick Name: J Ro and “BTI” (Big Time Improver) Jeff Klaus
Occupation: CEO of Klaus Roofing and part time Roof-vangelist
Preoccupation: Creator of 3N1 Yoga Mat Straps
Play: Disc golf
Accomplishments: 6 kids and still sane!
Doesn’t Fear: Heights
Passions: Learning, Improving, Any adventure outdoors
Essentials: Water bottle, carabiner
Motto: “Simplicity”
Little Known Fact: Makes killer salsa.

Other important facts: Jeff has been in the Colorado Springs housing industry since 1995 and his commitment to customers is like none other. You can rest assured that when it comes to replacing your roof, and assisting you through the insurance claim process, his willingness to hear you, communicate with you and do the best possible job for you, bottom line, is his number one priority.

We understand that you work hard to make sure your clients have the best service and protection…and we get that because we do too. It is our absolute honor and pleasure to bring our expertise to Insurance Agents, Property Management Companies, Real Estate Agents, Home Inspectors, Investors and HOA’s.

*Photo credit: Abby Van Eaton


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What Are Your Friends And Neighbors Saying?

"Trustworthy, Reliable..."

Klaus Roofing did an excellent job with our hail damaged roof. Jeff carefully explained the procedures, what to expect, how to prepare the house and what the timing and cleanup of the project would look like. Communication with the company was top notch. The project was completed within the day and all our specific requests were taken care of. I would highly recommend Klaus roofing.

Brenda B.

"Honesty, Integrity…"

Very Satisfied with them. Roof was installed without problems, roofers showed up on time and finish the same day. They prep the house by covering the grounds around the house to collect debris; they moved my furniture and other belongings away from the house to prevent damage; and when finished the house was clean and free of damages.

Martin M.

"Clean, Thorough…"

I am so pleased with my choice of Klaus roofing. They did a fantastic job from start to finish! My house suffered severe roof damage from a recent hail storm. Jeff made what could have been such a hassle so easy to deal with. He came to the house while my insurance adjuster did his inspection, explained the claim process, stopped by while the roof was being replaced, checked the work upon completion and was in constant contact throughoutthe process. I highly recommend Klaus roofing!

Jennifer M.

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