Is Your Potential Roofer Offering to Pay Your Deductible?

On June 6, 2012 a bill was passed by the Senate here in Colorado, SB38. Every homeowner should be aware of this bill for their own sake and protection from dishonest roofers.

When a homeowner’s property is damaged due to a hail storm, they call their insurance company and file a claim. Once the adjuster comes out an makes an assessment, they provide an estimate of damages and an AVC check to get the repair work started minus the deductible. By now they typically are interviewing roofing contractors to do the work. During this process of selection, however, some roofing companies are offering to pay the deductible. Beware. This is illegal and puts you and themselves in danger of breaking the law.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of this still going on these days. Don’t fall prey to illegal actions, insurance fraud or sales tactics.

For your review, here is a copy of the Senate Bill 38 as well as some information from Colorado Roofing Association about it.

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