Roofing Companies and Insurance Claims. Good Combo?

Did you know that some roofing companies are insurance claims experts? Here’s why this is so important for you.

Whenever there is a hail storm, roofing companies come out of the wood work. Many of them are fly by night or AKA storm chasers. Most of these companies are from out of state, not properly insured, have no warranties and often take your first insurance check and skip town. Beware!

Other roofing contractors are from your state and do a good job replacing your roof, but even some of them may not be properly insured, have no warranties and often take your first insurance check and skip town. Beware!

Companies like Klaus Roofing are trustworthy, local, are properly insured with warranties, live here and put their names on the line every day.

What’s just important is that they also are Insurance Claims Experts. We walk you through the entire process!

We know how to inspect your property for hail damage, help you file a claim with your insurance company, meet with your insurance adjuster to make sure they document ALL hail damage on your entire property and get that put in your claim. If you are going to pay for your deductible (because of SB38, roofers cannot legally pay for your deductible anymore), you might as well get your money’s worth of damage repaired.

There is still a lot of confusion on how insurance claims work. In general, the insurance companies verify the damage to your property and provide you with a claim to get all items on that claim fixed. Insurance adjuster will tell you to get 3 “estimates” from roofers. This is a misnomer. What they really should say is have 3 interviews with roofing companies. You want to make sure you feel most comfortable with the roofing company you choose, making sure they are local, have proper licenses and insurance with at least a 1-year workmanship warranty. What they don’t tell you is that if you get an estimate from a roofer and their bid is lower than the total of your insurance claim, the insurance company will keep the difference for themselves.

Insurance claims are different than if you go to buy something on your own like an AC unit, new deck or room addition. In this case by all means get 3 or more quotes and go with the company that makes the most sense for you. With an insurance claim, there is a deductible which is all you pay. Some deductibles are $500, $1000 or a certain percentage of the value of the home. If your deductible is $1000, that’s all you pay. If you have a $15,000 insurance claim, you are really getting a great deal for your $1000. $14,000 worth of work for free. Most AC units alone cost $4000 or more and that’s all out of your pocket. You can get your entire property restored back to the condition it was in, or better, for just your $1000 deductible.

Home insurance claims are much like health insurance claims. If you need a surgery, you don’t get 3 quotes form different surgeons. The surgery costs what the surgery costs and your insurance company that you selected will cover most of the costs. You do however want to interview surgeons and get a 2cd or even a 3rd opinion on their skills. Still, all you pay is your co-pay, much like your deductible with a home insurance claim, Similarly, a roofing company doesn’t need to provide you with a bid (for a home insurance claim) because they do it for the total on the insurance claim. All you pay is your deductible which is much like your co-pay. However, if you do get a bid from a roofer and it is lower than the insurance claim total, they have probably left off material or went with a lesser quality material than is currently on your property. Again, when your roofer turns in their final invoice to the insurance company, the insurance company will just weep the left over money. This is why it’s imperative for you to check the credentials (BBB, Angie’s List, Google+, Yelp) of the roofing contractor you decide to work with on your claim and verify that they will do exactly what is on your insurance claim.

We at Klaus Roofing work with all insurance companies. We speak their language, are familiar with the same Xactimate roofing software for pricing and know how to navigate you through your insurance claim. Not only that, but we have contractor skills and contacts as well and can assist you with your entire claim, not just your roof. You may have stucco damage, damage to your gutters, windows/ screens, fencing, deck, paint, play sets as well as other items. This is extremely important to you as the homeowner, because you could deal with just one contractor instead of dealing with 6 or more individual companies.

Let us share our insurance claims expertise with you with a free inspection and consultation and restore your home to where it was and most times even better than before the hail storm hit.

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