Spring is Coming! It’s Time To Get Your Roof Replaced!

Should you be concerned about getting your roof replaced right after winter? YES!

It’s late March, the days are getting warmer and the snow off of your roof has melted. This is natures ways of starting to move into Spring. Even though roofing contractors here in Colorado Springs aren’t quite busy yet, It’s going to get super busy really soon. It’s estimated that only 40% of the insurance claims from last years 2 hail storms have been completed. That leaves 60% left to be completed this year. With all of the storm chasers gone, this puts a volume burden on the trustworthy local companies.

Other than a new season, what does this mean for your roof? It means that if you have been putting off roof repairs or have an insurance claim that you haven’t started yet, you need to act ASAP!

There are several reasons for this.

1. Most insurance companies only give you 1 year to complete your claim. Some insurance companies with extend that for 3 to 6 more months, but you typically have to put that in writing to them. If you don’t complete your claim within the specified time frame, you will not receive the remainder of your depreciation amount. In many cases that’s half the amount of the original claim!

2. Some insurance claims can take a week to several months to complete depending on how much damage occurred to your property. If your hail claim was May 2014 and you do get the extension, that puts you needing to complete your roof close to December. By that time the weather is too bad to install your new roof and you lose out on your depreciation money.

Klaus Roofing has free roof inspections and consultations within 24-hours of your call. We will inspect your roof or get started on your existing insurance hail claim right away. We suggest you do it sooner than later before the summer gets too busy and crowded with everyone else’s claims.

If you are looking for a trustworthy A+ rated roofing company in Colorado Springs, call us 719-290-5239 or visit us at www.klausroofing.com

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