T-Lock Roofing Shingles Are DISCONTINUED

Klaus Roofing T Lock ShinglesDo these shingles look familiar? Do you have these on your roof?

Some good news and some bad news.

The bad news? T-Lock roofing shingles have been discontinued. Since you may have these shingles, if you have ANY damage it cannot be repaired. You would need to have the entire roof replaced.

This may cause issues for the following reason:

SELLING YOUR HOME: If you are selling or going to sell your home and you have damage to your T Lock shingles, it is likely to appear on an inspection report. In many cases this can deter potential buyers from looking closer at purchasing your home. If you have an offer on your home this could potentially delay your closing.
REPAIRING YOUR ROOF: If you have existing damage from recent hailstorms it cannot be repaired. You must replace your roof.
The good news? As residential roof replacement and insurance claims experts Klaus Roofing can help!

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